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We know that everyone carries talent. You bring skills and experiences that the local communities, women and children could benefit from knowing. We invite you to share your passions with us. The Vilostrada Foundation and Association Tidri currently focus empowering children to take responsibility for their community by trash picking and organic farming. Tidri also supports the teaching of English in one of the old kasbahs in collaboration with the Peace Corps. During the fall of 2019, we also start building the first Hub Organic Garden in Tagounite. 

We will support you with translations and preparations to suit the local community you wish to empower/teach. In the past, we also held many crafts workshops for women, yoga class, music exchange, basic first aid class and much more. 

For all Worldschooling families wanting to stay more than a week and volunteer part of their time in the community activities organized by Vilostrada Foundation/Association Tidri, we offer a mandatory one day introductory workshop in the Sahara life and culture for 75 MAD/ adult person and 20 MAD/child. The course aims to bridge the cultural gaps and ensure a positive outcome for all involved.  Upon termination of the course, we also offer discounts of housing at the Sahara Sunrise camp.  

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