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WorldSchool Hub Morocco is a collaboration between WorldSchool Hubs, Vilostrada Foundation & Association Tidri. Meet us here.

Victoria Ahlén – Vilostrada Foundation

Victoria Ahlén is the general manager for Vilostrada Foundation. In December 2015, Sahara stole her heart and she has been working with full force to better the lives of Nomad and Tagounite children since with the Tanmirt Junior Club. Born in Helsinki, Finland, Swedish citizen and residency shared between Malaga and Tagounite.

Brahim Aqermim – Sahara Sunrise/Association Tidri

Brahim Aqermim, president of Association Tidri. Born and a local of Tagounite where he also runs the Sahara Sunrise desert camp and tours. He works whole heartedly to better the lives of the children of his region with community activities with Association Tidri in collaboration with Vilostrada Foundation.


Elin Morgan – WorldSchool Hubs 

In 2017 Elin created and launched WorldSchool Hub Andalucia (WSHA) – – the first Worldschooling Hub of its kind. Due to its amazing popularity and impact, she is now developing other WorldSchool Hubs around the globe.  WorldSchool Hubs bring together hundreds of diverse but likeminded Worldschooling families in various parts of the world to make friends and build relationships between Worldschoolers while exploring and enjoying the wonders of the regions, countries & cultures. By providing friendships, information, support, opportunities and activities galore, WorldSchool Hubs help Worldschooling families to infuse into, and to soak up, the local culture and create rich experiences in true Worldschooling style.

Elin is passionate about supporting and creating community for Worldschooling families (and in particular those with teenagers) on their life-changing adventures. In addition to the many WorldSchool Hub activities and services, she provides consultations for Worldschooling families wanting to visit or move to Andalucia, is about to launch a multi-layered Worldschool Teen Hub/Self Directed Learning Center on both local and global platforms and has several other delicious projects for Worldschoolers in development.

El Bachir Bouiri – Association Tidri

El Bachir Bouiri, secretary of Association Tidri and heads the community activities in Zaouiet Sidi Saleh, outside of Tagounite. He also runs a small organic farm in the Draa Valley. His two oldest daughters study to become doctors in Marrakech and Agadir and the other three are proud members of the Tanmirt Junior Club Zaouia.

 We speak collectively these languages: Amazigh (Berber), Arabic, French, English, Swedish (understanding of Norwegian and Danish), Spanish 

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