Sahara Testimonials

The Introduction to Sahara Experience has touched lives. Read about other Wolrdschooling families’ experiences in Sahara with WorldSchool Hub Morocco, Vilostrada Foundation & the Moroccan people, land and culture.

Carla, Brian & Blake (5) Tappen

Our life changing experience in Morocco

Morocco has been in our bucket list for a long time. We knew we wanted to visit the country but weren’t sure which direction to go until one day Elin Morgan connected us with Victoria Ahlen. We didn’t know either one of them but somehow Elin read one of my posts on a worldschooling group asking a question about Morocco. I took it as a sign and immediately contacted Victoria. She was so nice over the phone and asked me what I was looking to do. I explained to her that we wanted to stay away from touristic areas and want to see how the Berbers and nomads live. She then got back to me with the most amazing itinerary. We trusted her expertise, packed a backpack each and took off to Morocco.

The moment we met with her and her children we knew we were meant to meet them and be part of that journey together.

We stayed at their campsite and we had a great experience. We also met Brahim Aqermin who took us into their home to meet his family and some of their friends. I know my husband had some profound conversations with him. We all enjoyed his food, company and music around the bonfire.

We spent one morning with the village children in Tagounite doing some community work though the Vilostrada Foundation. There were so many children, with big smiles on their faces, cleaning up garbage, playing games with us and speaking a language that we couldn’t understand, but the connection between our hearts made that day a special one.

Our five year old son collected sea shells and shark teeth that we found on the beach next to our house in Florida and took with him so he could show and give them to the children in the Sahara. When the nomads (not only the children, but also the adults) brought the sea shells close to their ears to hear the sound of the ocean was so special to all of us. The giggles and expressions of amusement were a memory that we will cherish for a long time. We brought them a little piece of our surroundings from Florida, but they gave us the best gift of all. We saw how they live, work, cook, enjoy each other company and the most important, they showed us how little they need to live happy with one another. They smile so much and take pride in spending time sitting around the fire, telling stories and just being around each other.

Our son learned how to make a campfire, Morocco tea (the proper way of course!), how to care for the camel, play hide and seek in the dunes, sand boarding, among many other things. He still talks about the day he joined the group of men in the nomad kitchen to make dinner (tagine) for everyone. He also loved seeing the Oasis and thought that was so cool. He says he has his vacation home in that Oasis. LOL

Our experience was heartwarming and humbling. It showed us what are the important things in life and how to live a life with purpose. We learned how to widen our minds even more, and open our arms to embrace each one with a big hug and smile – this is the way to people’s heart and to a better peaceful future.


Howerd Trööter and Family, Germany

We went with our campervan inside the desert and visited Victoria and Brahim and the team. The 3 days there were such a mystical experience. Our son (2years) loved it so much. Even the village cleaning and playing Sunday was a nice experience. All the kids were so lovely to us and want to take care of our son. We try to come back to support the foundation project start in March. Even there is a distance of 700 Kilometer… 

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