Sahara Sunrise Desert Camp

By the foot of the Erg Lihudie Dunes of the Sahara, Brahim Aqermim welcomes you to his ancestor’s land. His grandfather Yahya lived of the Sahara with his camels and goats as a Nomad. His father Mohamed grew up both a Nomad and then a farmer in Bonou. Later in life, he became the first family to settle in Tagounite, the little desert town where the Draa Valley begins/ends only 70 km from the Algerian border we call home. Many of family members still live there. His grandson Brahim returned to the desert to work and “to finish his grandfather’s Nomad story”. 

In the last few years, Brahim has built the Sahara Sunrise desert camp, in line with nature,  that you can access with ordinary car, camper or with the support of transport only 30 min from Tagounite. 

Currently we offer three traditional eco houses built with traditional earth blocks/Adobe brick. You can stay up to 5 people in each. The houses have mattresses, sheets, pillows and warm blankets and candles for your comfort.

The camp also offers a separate toilet and shower building for everyone to share. Please note that we use water sparingly and all paper to be thrown in separate container. We also offer only bucket showers where your hot water is heated and then you mix your shower water to suit your needs. 

At camp you will have access to:

  • Gorgeous sand dunes to play, climb, meditate, relax and do yoga on. 
  • Knowledgeable security of the elements Sahara 24/7.
  • Toilet/Shower building with simple bathroom and bucket showers (we happily heat water for you)
  • Restaurant tent 
  • Open fire pit under the stars and BBQ area. We gather around the fire at night and share stories and music. 
  • Fresh water tank (note: local water that we recommend you do not drink)
  • Access to shared kitchen. We share the responsibility to keep it clean and safe for all. We offer worldschoolers to share the responsibility of cooking for the whole Sahara Sunrise team on site and share the basic costs of market/souk purchases. 

Drinks such as tea, coffee, bottled water, orange and lemon juice is offered on site for an added cost. 


Stay In Earth Houses


100 MAD/$10.50/€9.50
Per Person Per Day

Children stay up to age 2 stay free with parents

If you want to book for a few days, for a longer stay, travel with us in a group or special occasions,
please do not hesitate to get in touch for price quotes. 

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