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Come experience a WorldSchool Hub hug in Draa Valley, Sahara, Morocco! 

By the foot of the Erg Lihudie Dunes of the Sahara Desert, in and around Tagounite, the little desert town where the Draa Valley begins/ends is where this gorgeous Worldschooling adventure takes place. The Sahara Sunrise Desert Camp, is an amazing natural enclave nestled in the desert that welcomes friends with typical Moroccan hospitality. The Sahara has no doors and we look forward to sharing the simple life and hospitality with you. Travel with an open mind a big smile and the world is yours! Each person visiting carries a story and we look forward to hearing yours and to sharing knowledge during your visit.

Since March 2016, the Vilostrada Foundation has worked with local partners to empower people on the move with natural powers for a sustainable planet working with a local association to strengthen the community with activities such as tree planting, organic farming, activities for children and local cooperatives to sustainability.  It is here in Tagounite in the Fall of 2019, that we started building the first location of WorldSchool Hub Morocco as a meeting space & cultural experience for WorldSchool families.

WorldSchool Hub Morocco’s Sahara Hub offers an extraordinary one-of-a kind experience specifically designed for Worldschooling families to infuse with safety and respect into the delicious local Moroccan culture and life in the Sahara. While immersing in this special world, Worldschooling families also enjoy the exhale that comes with meeting and adventuring with other like-minded families on a similar path – the chance to meet, create, explore, adventure, learn and play together. These opportunities and collaborations also allow Worldschoolers to tap into, and support, the myriad locals who are bursting with talent and who have so many great things to offer both kids and adults alike.



 15th February to 22nd February 2020   —   OR   —  14th March to 21st March 2020

We walk together in the footsteps of all our ancestors and experience the Nomad, simple life.
We invite you to join the introduction to Sahara Experience where you will learn the routines
of daily work and chores to enable life. We want you to learn by doing, hands on.
We take pride in the work we do and collaborate with hard working locals to add
to a sustainable life in the region. 

This is an immersive, intensive, introduction week, designed to give you the maximum infusion into Sahara life.
Created by Victoria & Brahim to give you and your family the most
extraordinary experiences being hugged by the Sahara and welcomed by its people.
You are also more than welcome to stay on longer with us in the Sahara region after the introduction week.


 We invite you to join us between October and March to imbibe in the magic of the Moroccan Sahara.
In addition to our Introduction to Sahara Experience – a week long immersive adventure – we are also happy to customize your Sahara experience to your specific interests, budget and timeline with Sahara á la Carte.

All our activities are immersive and experiential. We want you to learn by doing, hands on.
We take pride in the work we do and collaborate with hard working locals to add to a sustainable life in the region.

By joining us with Sahara á la Carte, WorldSchooling families can either fully build their own itinerary,
concentrating on a few key activities & adventures,
or take advantage of the Sahara á la Carte Nomad Passport,
which offers the opportunity to sample many experiences within a shorter timeframe.

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Our kids (and adults) especially enjoy collaborating and having fun with other Worldschoolers. Click on the photo to learn more about just some of the amazing activities available in the Sahara.


Meet Ups

Whether you are just passing through or here for longer, the weekly meet ups provide an opportunity to get together in an informal setting, where the kids can play and families can hang out with other Worldschooling families from around the globe. More information coming soon.


Navigating Morocco Ebooks

Find your way around with these imperative ebooks for a smooth trip. Coming Soon.

Adventure Trips

Maybe you are only staying for a short trip and only want to have a couple of one off adventures in the Sahara without immersing in the culture but still getting a taste of the secrets of the Sahara. These one-off trips are for you. Details Coming Soon.


Give Back

Learn More about Vilostrada Foundation and the work they have undertaken as part of their passion for the Sahara and its people. Click on the photo to read more.


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