There are several different kinds of accommodation available at the WorldSchool Hub Sahara,
both in the desert & in the town of Tagounite.
See below for more details about where and how you can find places to stay.

Sahara Accommodations

In the last few years, Brahim has built the Sahara Sunrise Desert Camp, in line with nature, so that you can access with an ordinary car or camper van – only 30 min from Tagounite.

Sahara Sunrise Desert Camp

Currently we offer three traditional eco houses built with traditional earth blocks/Adobe brick. You can stay up to 5 people in each. The houses have mattresses, sheets, pillows and warm blankets and candles for your comfort. Further details on amenities, accommodations & prices when you click through. 

Camping, RVs and Camping Vans

Bring your camping equipment, camper van or RV to Sahara Sunrise Desert Camp. We will create an unforgettably beautiful experience for you and can supply many amenties to make your stay smooth and easy.


Tagounite Accommodations

If you prefer staying in town instead of out in the Sahara, we can arrange for you to stay with the locals, rent a small village house, or room if you wish. We will find a solution that suits you. We recommend you contact us for best offers. 

Tidri Hub House

In Hay Massira, Tagounite, a 15 min walk from Tagounite bus and taxi station. In Spring 2020, we will rent out space to Worldschooling families in our Hub House. We will have a fully equipped kitchen, bedrooms, bikes for rent etc. We will publish prices and more information as soon as we have them.

Camping Las Palmeraies

This camping is only 5 min walking from the Tidri Hub House in Tagounite (within walking distance from Tagounite taxi/bus station). Accessible to Tagounite walking and without your own transport.

Casa Juan

Located in Tagounite in the Souss-Massa region, Casa Juan has accommodations with free private parking.

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