Introduction to Sahara Experience

We walk together in the footsteps of all our ancestors and experience the Nomad, simple life.

We invite you to join the Introduction to Sahara Experience where you will learn the routines of daily work and chores to enable life in the Sahara. Many of these activities take place close to the Sahara Sunrise camp by Erg Lihudie sand dunes and in the Sahara. We want you to learn by doing, hands on. We take pride in the work we do and collaborate with hard working locals to add to a sustainable life in the region. 

We warmly recommend that you join us for this first week in Sahara to explore in a safe manner and also get to meet good people, many of whom used to be Nomads only years ago and today work with camels, farm, and run transport services with 4x4 in the desert. 

You are more than welcome to stay on longer with us in the Sahara region after the introduction week. Please contact us for your extended trip planning and we will find solutions. 

How the Introduction to Sahara Experience was Created – Victoria’s Story 

I am a mother of two, Maj (born 2008) and Lucas (born 2005). In the first three months of 2018, I moved out to the Sahara for almost three months with the children and two dogs. Before then, I had visited many times and always had guides and talented local people with me. We did as well back in 2018 and the Sahara embraced us all with an abundance of her love, open doors, wildlife and culture. We lived through unforgettable, gorgeous nature experiences as well as sandstorms, cultural differences and warm welcoming shared meals and activities with the locals. 

It is based on all this experience and me living out here off and on since 2018 that I invite you with open arms to all our Sahara and our introductory week. I want each and everyone one of you, no matter background, experience or knowledge to love your stay, learn new things and let both Sahara and all of Moroccoamazing really welcome you.

My family love the outdoors and my children have spent endless time in tents since early age, cooked over open fire and gas stoves before we moved to the Sahara. Even with all this experience, I am forever grateful for my choice to hire and work with the local talent and guides that kept us safe to know what wood to use, how to keep us safe and warm, how to cook/prepare the food in a way to keep us all healthy. We also had good vehicles, 4x4 with a knowledgeable driver with us as the greatest insurance for safety. Not just on a sunny day but on the occasion that the weather would have changed quickly (it did more than once) and when we had a flat tire. My children will forever carry their knowledge during their time here as a Sahara passport wherever they go in life. 

This week will benefit all your future stay in Sahara region and all of Morocco as well. Together with my local tribe, we offer an introduction week that we hope will give you a memory for life and lots of great experiences to build on later in life. Whether you wish to stay on with us for a longer time locally, travel on in Morocco or elsewhere, we want you to give to all of the beauty that we call Sahara.


This is the suggested itinerary for the week-long Introduction to Sahara Experience.
Below are the activities in more detail.

Saturday February 15

We meet up in Tagounite go to camp with 4×4, ca 30 min drive. The camp can also be reached with an ordinary car
so please let us know if you are bringing your own so we can keep transport costs down.

Welcome dinner and evening under the stars.


Sunday February 16

Tanmirt Junior Club activity Tagounite. Join the community Sunday activity with Vilostrada Foundation/Association Tidri.
Read more on facebook #tanmirtjunior  

We will eat lunch in a traditional family house 30 min from Tagounite center.
You will get to know local family life and learn more about the traditions. 

In the afternoon, we get a transport back to camp for a relaxing late afternoon with games and time to chill.


Monday February 17 to Wednesday February 19

Our camel Caravan begins and we trek into the Sahara. We go to spend two nights camping in the desert with our Nomad friend Amar. We will live in shared tents to keep us all warm. If you have your own camping equipment, please inform us so we can adjust the material we bring with us in total. You need to bring your own sleeping bags. 

We want you to have the best welcome into the desert and therefore bring a team to support us in all weather conditions and to be around to teach you a lot. We will offer a class in making a fire, tea, sandbread, first aid and lots more. 

February 19 Wednesday back to Sahara Sunrise Camp 
Relax when we come back after lunch. Wash up.


Thursday February 20

Local souk/market day in Tagounite.
We go shopping and follow up with a tagine course in our friend Azzou’s garden café. 

A local hammam available for men. 

Big fire and music in camp.


Friday February 21

A local hammam available for the women. 
Couscous feast together with local family, a traditional Morocccan Friday lunch. 

You will spend the night in Tagounite with locals. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes and to give families their own room. Please know that you will share toilet/bathroom with others. 

The local tradition have most family members sleeping in the same room at night and then their carpets, blankets gets rolled away during the day for the room to be used for socializing. We will do our best to make you as comfortable and have a big welcome into our Tagounite family.

We will enjoy a game night in Tagounite where we conclude and share ideas with each other.

Saturday February 22

We end our program after a shared breakfast.



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Activities in the Sahara

During our introduction week you will hands on experience these activities.
Your children will also earn a Nomad passport by the end of the first week 

The Nomad Tea

You might think it is only tea and boiling water. But there are many secrets shared with you so you will know how to make a real cup of tea to make everyone happy.

Camel Riding & Care

Our Nomad friend Amar will join us with his camels (really they are dromedaries but everyone calls them camels). You will join our World School caravane on a two night camping trip. 


Together, we go to discover the Sahara by foot during our two night camel caravane adventure. Keep an eye out for hidden treasures and tracks.

Bread Making

Each meal will be served with delicious fresh bread. But how is it made out in the Sahara? You will learn to make it.

Sand Dunes & Sahara Nature

Sahara is not only sand. We will show you the beauty of the vast nature and her elements. Meet the animals who roam wild and kept by the Nomads.

Wood Collection & Fire Making

Learn  how to collect wood in the desert to cook tea, food and keep warm at night. We also teach you how to make a fire​.

Cooking & Tagine Classes

In each household, the tagine this is the main meal as well as the traditional couscous each Friday. We will share some of the recipes that we enjoy, and we invite you to invent your favourite. We cook over charcoal or gas.


Safety in the Sahara

A course in how to survive in the Sahara includes basic first aid class.

Activities Surrounding Tagounite

Local Family Visit

We invite you to visit some of our local friends and enjoy a meal together.

History class(es) in the Kasbahs around Tagounite

There are more than 30 old settlements around Tagounite that each carry a history and continue with ancient routines. We take you to discover one of them. 


Sahara Music

The drums are at the heart of life here both around the fire at night, in celebrations and to tell a story. Let us create music together and learn some traditional songs. 

Organic Farming

Our friend Bachir runs an organic teaching garden in one of the kasbahs close to Tagounite. Join us in learning the basics of gardening in the fertile Draa Valley and about the local plants. In his garden, we (Vilostrada Foundation & Association Tidri) also built one of the first composts in the area.

Souk Visit

The weekly market happens on Thursday and Sundays in Tagounite.  Join us for a shopping tour in full color on the big Thursday market.


Local Hammam

The village hammam is open for both men and women during separate times. This is a melting pot of conversations as well as the place to get really clean. Bring a towel, a bottom underwear/swim gear to wear, soap and scrub glove.


Together, the Vilostrada Foundation and Association Tidri organize activities for local children around Tagounite. We call the activities Tanmirt Junior Club. Join us for a trash-picking, tree-planting, a creative and fun day together. We work in the motto: to give, to receive. First we give back to the community, then we share a meal together and lastly we play lots of fun games together. Usually our meet-ups take place on Sunday when the kids are free from school. 


Stay On in Tagounite & Surrounding Area

If you wish to stay longer with us, we will create a program for you. Other recommendations in our area of activities:

Visit Erg Chegaga

Visit Erg Chegaga, the biggest sand dunes of Morocco, 100 km out in the desert, one overnight adventure with 4×4


Live With Nomads

Live with the Nomads in the desert. We recommend you plan a minimum of two days in the desert. 4×4 transport included.

Live With Locals

Live with the locals of Tagounite

Mountain Camel Trek

Trek in the mountains with camels (minimum 3 day adventures, includes 4×4)


Organic Farming

Organic farming with the locals of Tafraoute

Visit the Hidden Oasis

Visit the Hidden Oasis (2 day adventure with 4×4)

Tamgroute Green Pottery Village

Explore Tamgroute green pottery village

Kasbah of Tamnougalte

Stay and explore the Kasbah of Tamnougalte. We recommend a minimum of two night visit.

Volunteer/Give Back

Volunteer with the Vilostrada Foundation/Association Tidri with local community activities. For example Sunday Tanmirt Junior Club, organic farming etc

If you are interested in staying on after your Introduction to Sahara Adventure, please email us at and/or let us know while you are with us in the Sahara.

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