What is the WorldSchool Hub Morocco Sahara Experience?

A fabulous world schooling adventure in the desert of Morocco – by the foot of the Erg Lihudie Dunes of the Sahara Desert, in and around Tagounite, the little desert town where the Draa Valley begins/ends only 70 km from the Algerian border.

The Sahara Sunrise Desert Camp, is an amazing natural enclave nestled in the desert that welcomes friends with typical Moroccan hospitality. WorldSchool Hub Morocco members will be able to take part in many fascinating cultural experiences including collecting wood & firemaking, learning the secrets of Nomad tea, tagine and cooking classes, navigating and soaking up the sand dune splendor and the vast Sahara nature, camel riding and care, trekking, bread making and more! 

This arm of WorldSchool Hub Morocco and Vilostrada Foundation will create unforgettable cultural experiences for participating Worldschooling families and will work to empower & strengthen the local & nomadic communities with activities such as tree planting, organic farming, activities for children and supporting local cooperatives to achieve greater sustainability. Available January 2020 to March 2020 and between October 2020 and December 2020.

Join World Schooling families in Morocco for this extraordinary experience. 

Activities & Adventures

WorldSchool Hub Morocco & Vilostrada Foundation are proud to offer many varied and unforgettable experiences at Sahara Sunrise Desert Camp and its surrounds. We walk together in the footsteps of all our ancestors and experience the Nomad, simple life. We invite you to join the routines of daily work and chores to enable life. Some activities can take place close to the Sahara Sunrise camp by Erg Lihudie. We want you to learn by doing, hands on. We take pride in the work we do and collaborate with hard working locals to add to a sustainable life in the region.  Here is a selection of what is on offer with many more in the works:

Nomad Tea Making

You might think it is only tea and boiling water. But there are many secrets shared with you so you will know how to make a real cup of tea to make everyone happy.

Camel Riding & Care

Our Nomad friend Amar will join us with his camels (really they are dromedaries but everyone calls them camels). You will get a basic camel course and of course you get to ride one. We stay close to Sahara Sunrise Camp. Longer treks also available.


Together, we discover the Sahara by foot around the Sahara Sunrise camp. Keep an eye out for hidden treasures and tracks.
You can choose if you want to spend the night camping.

Bread Making

Each meal will be served with delicious fresh bread. But how is it made out in the Sahara? You will learn to make it two different ways and if you want, we twill each you how to make a desert oven.

Sand Dunes & Sahara Nature

Sahara is not only sand. We show you the beauty of the vast nature and her elements.

Wood Collection & Fire Making

Learn  how to collect wood in the desert to cook tea, food and keep warm at night. We also teach you how to make a fire​.

Cooking & Tagine Classes

    In each household, the tagine is the main meal as well as the traditional couscous each Friday. We will share some of the recipes that we enjoy, and we invite you to invent your favourite. We cook over charcoal or gas.

Safety in the Sahara

A course in how to survive in the Sahara includes basic first aid class too.

Organic farming in Draa Valley

Our friend Bachir runs an organic teaching garden in one of the kasbahs close to Tagounite. Join us in learning the basics of gardening in the fertile Draa Valley and about the local plants. In his garden, we also built one of the first composts in the area.

Local Family Visit

We invite you to visit some of our local friends and to enjoy a tea together. If we wish to share a meal, that is also possible.

History classes in the Kasbahs

There are more than 30 old settlements around Tagounite that each carry a history and continue with ancient routines. We take you to discover one of them.


Crafts Classes

Weaving carpets, tents and making straw baskets are some of the local women crafts in the area. We invite you to join us to learn more at one of them.

Sahra Music

The drums are at the heart of life here both around the fire at night, in celebrations and to tell a story. Let us create music together and learn some traditional songs.

Souk Visit

The weekly market happens on Thursday and Sunday in Tagounite. Join us for a shopping tour in full color.


Local Hammam

The village hammam is open for both men and women, during separate times. This is a melting pot of conversations as well as the place to get really clean. 


Together, the Vilostrada Foundation and Association Tidri organize activities for local children around Tagounite. We call the activities Tanmirt Junior Club. Join us for a trash-picking, tree-planting, a creative and fun day together. We work in the motto: to give, to receive. First we give back to the community, then we share a meal together and lastly we play lots of fun games together. 

The Big Trek Combo

Trek with camels/and or 4×4 to big dunes of Erg Chegaga. Combine the days you want to venture out in the Sahara either with trekking with camels & camping, a 4×4 tour to the grand dunes of Erg Chegaga (70 km out in the Sahara and Morocco’s largest dunes), or do a combination. If you wish, we can also travel together, trekking or by 4×4, to live farther out in the Sahara and, if you want, join us to meet some of our Nomad friends.


Join World Schooling families in Morocco for this extraordinary experience. 

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