Whether on a short or long term travel adventure or seeking a new home base as we explore the globe, worldschooling families need each other. So many of us crave a hub for our kids to meet, create, explore and adventure, learn and play with likeminded friends from all over the world and parents need to exhale, rest, catch up on work and meet up with other families of like-minds.

Worldschoolers’ adventures are enhanced by being able to tap into the knowledge and insider information of those who have adventured the region before them, making a world of difference in their experience.

Some families come to create their home base from which to continue traveling and exploring, some to simply share the cultural experience and to take a pause with like-minded families on their way through the region.  Either way, Worldschooling families can soak up a wealth of welcome and an abundance of adventure with each other. 

With all this in mind, WorldSchool Hub Morocco was launched as an answer to these needs, and to welcome families from all over the world to this beautiful country and culture. WorldSchool Hub Morocco is the second in a family of WorldSchool Hubs opening up around the world. 

Who We Are

We are Worldschoolers…. travelers, homeschoolers, unschoolers, schoolers, nomads, expats, locals, families seeking new lives, families seeking community, adults, children, teens, PEOPLE on life adventures from every corner of the globe….

What Does WorldSchool Hub Morocco Do?

WorldSchool Hub Morocco brings together diverse but likeminded Worldschooling families in Morocco to make friends and build relationships between Worldschoolers. We facilitate their life-changing adventures and experiences.

WorldSchool Hub Morocco is a Membership organization that helps Worldschooling families to infuse into and to soak up the local culture – we create rich experiential, hands on, immersion and cross cultural experiences in true Worldschooling style for Worldschooling families in Morocco. 

WorldSchool Hub Morocco assists Worldschoolers in piecing together their adventures in, and visits to, the country, offering invaluable information and support on an array of subjects that help to enhance & enrichen the adventure and make easier the experience while in Morocco. 


WorldSchool Hub Morocco also offers activities, classes, workshops, adventure trips, access to special events and more, giving Worldschoolers a chance to learn and play together, as well giving them a taste of the local culture. These opportunities and collaborations allow Worldschooler to tap into, and support, the myriad locals who are bursting with talent and who have so many great things to offer both kids and adults alike.

WorldSchool Hub Morocco is a passion project, a membership organization, a Worldschooling business, a hub (the effective centre of an activity and/or region) and a love-letter to both Worldschooling families and to Morocco & its people.

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