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Don't Miss WorldSchool Hub Morocco's Introduction to Sahara Experience
February 15th to February 22nd or March 14th to 21st

Join Us in the Sahara for this unique WorldSchool Hub Morocco/Vilostrada Foundation adventure.

By the foot of the Erg Lihudie Dunes of the Sahara Desert, in and around Tagounite, the little desert town where the Draa Valley begins/ends is where this gorgeous Worldschooling adventure takes place. 

We walk together in the footsteps of all our ancestors and experience the Nomad, simple life. We invite you to join the Introduction to Sahara Adventure, where you will learn the routines of daily work and chores to enable life.

Since March 2016, the Vilostrada Foundation has worked with local partners to empower people on the move with natural powers for a sustainable planet working with a local association to strengthen the community with activities such as tree planting, organic farming, activities for children and local cooperatives to sustainability. 

We are currently taking bookings from Worldschooling families to join this extraordinary authentic adventure – Introduction to Sahara Experience. Not to be missed! Learn More Now!

The Sahara Sunrise Desert Camp, is an amazing natural enclave nestled in the desert that welcomes friends with typical Moroccan hospitality. The Sahara has no doors & we look forward to sharing the simple life and hospitality with you. Each person visiting carries a story – we look forward to hearing yours & to sharing knowledge.

We want you to learn by doing, hands on. We take pride in the work we do and collaborate with hard working locals to add to a sustainable life in the region. You are also more than welcome to stay on longer with us in the Sahara region after the introduction week.

WorldSchool Hub Morocco's Essaouira Hub is launching JUNE 2020

Part Two of our second international Hub will open it’s doors to Worldschooling families from all over the globe Spring 2020. 

Prepare to join us to experience some of the delights of Morocco in and around the gorgeous coastal town of Essaouira, West of Marrakesh. 

The town is known for its blue and white wash fishing boats, wind sports, divine Medina, and for its cultural and creative energy that draws adventurers from around the world to feel its heart beat.


Check out just some of the things you can expect from the Essaouira Hub this Spring.

Hit the Hub!

We are launching WSHM Hit The Hub! in 2020 with focused sessions of at least two 6 to 8 weeks long periods that will be overflowing with every workshop, class, activity, adventure trip and meet up – when the concentration of Worldschooling families will come to our Hub & will be able to immerse in all that is on offer without missing out. More details coming soon.


In collaboration with local and traveling talent, we offer an ever-growing menu of ongoing classes for those basing themselves in the area for short or long term stays, as well as classes that can be enjoyed on a one-off or drop-in basis. More details coming soon.

Other Activities

Our kids (and adults) especially enjoy collaborating and having fun with other Worldschoolers.  Keep an eye on this space as more are added. More details coming soon.



There is a multitude of amazing talent in our local community and worldschooling traveling family. Tapping into that talent, we offer workshops throughout the year, on a one-off and on-going basis. More details coming soon.

Adventure Trips

Morocco is a fascinating country with so much to see and experience – deep history, rich culture, gorgeous nature, breathtaking scenery, & adventures galore to be had. WSHM takes families on all kinds of magical adventures to experience these wonders from a Worldschooling perspective and with a local, insider’s knowledge. More details coming soon.


Meet Ups

Whether you are just passing through or here for longer, the weekly meet ups provide an opportunity to get together in an informal setting, where the kids can play and families can hang out with other Worldschooling families from around the globe. More details coming soon.


Special Events

Morocco is overflowing with an abundance of exciting things, people and places to discover and experience. Every season and area has wonderful things going on for locals and visitors. Keep an eye on this space for information on special events throughout the year. More details coming soon.


Did you know that WorldSchool Hub Morocco is a Membership Organization? You can join this Hub only or now you can even take advantage of our unique ‘Hub Hopper’ Membership. More details coming soon.


Monthly Calendar

Our calendar helps you to find out more about our classes, workshops, activities, adventure trips, and special events. Full calendar will be available shortly.



Many Worldschoolers need a place to get work done while on the road. We will be collaborating with these wonderful co-working facilities in Essaouira. More details coming soon.

Give Back

WorldSchool Hub Morocco will be undertaking and joining projects in Morocco throughout the year to raise money and/or awareness, support local endeavors and educate and enlighten as we go. Worldschoolers striving to be part of the solution and never part of the problem. More details coming soon.


WorldSchool Hub Morocco can help you find the right place for you to call home while you are visiting. Whether you are coming by van, car, train or bus and whatever your taste in a space to enjoy the gorgeousness of Morocco. More details coming soon.

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Services, Products, Classes & Events on offer from our WorldSchool Hub Members around the world. Find out more about what they have to offer and how you can support your fellow Worldschooling families. Coming Soon

Where Are We? Contact Us

Come and visit us at WorldSchool Hub Morocco! Click here to find out where we are located and how to contact us. We are excited to welcome you to this gorgeous country!  Coming Soon.

Navigating Morocco

Coming to Morocco and have a million questions? Where, what, how, when, who? WorldSchool Hub Morocco can help you navigate all your questions and concerns with a series of mini-Ebooks to infuse you with all the information you need. More details coming soon.

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